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Master Builders started running children's parties in 2016. We provide party entertainment for your children and their friends ranging from 5 to 11 year-olds, all based around the wonderful plastic brick.


Our standard parties typically consist of a series of 2 or 3 activities taking approximately 1.5 hours. We have lots of activities and games such as

  • Tower Building. Teams have to build the highest tower possible in a set amount of time.

  • Race Car building. Everyone builds their own car to run down our track.

  • Bridge Building. Teams have to build bridges that span a gap and can hold a weight.

  • Catapults. Everyone builds an elastic band powered catapult capable of firing a ping pong ball at the Master Builders defences.

BRICKBOT Wars parties are aimed at children age 9+.  Everyone will be split into four teams to build their BRICKBOTs and then battle against each other in our purpose built arena!

We also offer Junior BRICKBOT Wars parties aimed at children age 7+ which are similar to the above only we provide a working BRICKBOT chassis which the party guests then customise

Have a 4 year old LEGO fan?  We can run a race car building activity along side your other entertainment (e.g. bouncy castle). Please contact us for further details.

The activities run for approximately 1.5 hours and a standard party is for up to 15 children, BRICKBOT Wars for up to 12 children, run at your venue, ideally this should be a hall as a reasonable amount of space is needed for the activities and to leave enough space for you to also prepare the party food.

We may be able to cater for larger parties. Also if you have any special requests just let us know and we will try and accommodate these.

  • A standard party for up to 15 children is £170

  • Additional children up to a total of 20 are £8 each

  • A BRICKBOT Wars & Junior BRICKBOT Wars party for up to 12 children is £170

  • The first 15 miles will be included in the party price. Any additional mileage will be subject to an additional charge.

  • Please be aware that our parties are aimed at children aged 5 upwards. If there are any younger children present they will require parental assistance.

  • Once the party is confirmed we will invoice you for a non-refundable deposit of £50 to secure your booking.

Give us a call:
07502 916096

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